December Updates, New Features, and What’s coming in 2021

Well, 2020 has been a crazy year for sure.

Through it all, it’s a wonderful comfort to know that God is sovereign. As 2020 winds down I want to thank you for being part of the Reformation Sites network. It’s my joy as a company to serve Christ’s church to some degree by helping with online outreach.

I’m writing to give a some news about new features, updates, and plans for 2021.



If you’ve logged into your website you probably have seen a few changes in the website dashboard. The new dashboard was implemented towards the end of November and is very slick. It’s designed to help organize content and minimize the frustration of navigating your church’s site (at least I hope it’s helpful). There are more new features below that you will like.


Lost your password?

There was a small glitch that wasn’t allowing the password reset link to show on the login screen. You can now reset your password by clicking the link that says, “Lost your Password” and putting your username. This will email you a reset link where you can change your password.


Dashboard Analytics Overview

Wondering if people are using your church’s website? Finally, easy to use Google Analytics on your dashboard. Google Analytics is a powerful free tool that can give user insights but it’s extremely hard to sort through the data. The new Overview section will pull in the relevant data that will show you your total page views, traffic sources, site users, that’s easy to view. If you’d like help to get this set up please email support.



Love it or hate it, that’s the word of the year for churches and ministries. While many places went out of business it was good to be in the livestreaming field in 2020 with many charging up to $100 a month for the basic service. Reformation Sites makes this easy and affordable by integrating Facebook Live and YouTube Live right into your website without any hassle. What’s better is having a video library right in your site that shows previous videos. What’s even better is that all current subscribers will have this feature grandfathered into your account for whichever plan level you are at. Starting January 2021 the video library will be a Pro feature only. If you’d like help to set this up please email support, and we can schedule time to get you started.



Some great stuff is headed your way in 2021. We’re always at work trying to figure out what you might need to better connect with your community and reach out to visitors.

Here are a few things planned for 2021.

  1. SMS Text Messaging from your website.
  2. Sign-up Sheets to better organize events.
  3. Happenings Section to better display things like VBS, Conferences, and Emergency Alerts.
  4. Better Help Center with more instructional videos and tutorials.
  5. Monthly video conference call training sessions.

Can you help Reformation Sites?

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I hope you have a blessed advent season and new year.

In Christ’s service,


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