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Choosing the right domain for your church website.

An effective church website really begins with an effective domain name. There are many things to consider when figuring out how to choose a domain that will work for your church.

The first thing to keep in mind is to be creative. Unfortunately, the best domains are either being used by churches with a similar name to yours, or someone has scooped up a bunch of domains and are simply sitting on them waiting for someone like you to come by to sell them too for a higher price than you were hoping to spend. If you’re not willing to pay someone a high price for the best name, you may need a few rounds of brainstorming to come up with something that works well.

Nevertheless, choosing a “Top Level Domain” is important. Top level domains are domains that end with either .org or .com. A .org domain is preferable for a church because it stand for “organization.” A .com (company) domain is the second best if the other is not available. These two are priced around $12 – $20 dollars. Another option that has become quite popular is a .church domain.

The best thing is to pick a single domain and focus all your energy on using and promoting that. It was common in the past to buy many domains and point them too their main website domain. This doesn’t really have any benefit for the search engine results and could even confuse people if they have so many domains to choose from to get to your site. The best thing would be to choose one domain that really works for your church and focus all your marketing efforts on that. If you have a strong domain and want to buy the other top level domains that is okay. You can determine that by asking whether your church will need to use those alternate extensions for other ministry websites related to your church, and whether sitting on the domains work for your church budget.

If you can’t find a .org or .com, perhaps looking for a different domain extension, like a .net, .church, .co, will be your only option.


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