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Ministry Ready Designs


What is Reformation Sites?


Effective Tools for Online Outreach

Reformation Sites is packed with dozens of cool features to display content.

Manage Sermons

Stream audio and video. Provide outlines and Connects with iTunes Podcast service. Easily integrate


Connect your Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or Twitch accounts to instantly stream your service when you go live.

Set Notifications

Quickly alert visitors and members about emergencies, news updates, or special announcements.

Post Bulletins

Mobile ready digital bulletins that can be viewed during worship, at home for family worship or during Livestream.

Organize Ministries

Easily add and manage new ministries in your church. Add organizers, new, maps, and contact forms, that look great.

Launch Courses

Maximize your teaching content by breaking them into courses which your members and visitors can easily access.

Promote Events

Keep your congregation up-to-date with all that's happening with a beautifully formatted and easy-to-use calendar.

Add Books & Resources

Add books or resources for Bible studies, recommended reading, or about anything that your congregation can benefit from.

Simple Navigation

With all you have to do throughout the week, navigating your website should not be a burden. We have reinvented the dashboard to give you a better experience managing your content for online ministry. 


Amazing Analytics

Ever wonder what people are viewing on your website? With Google Analytics activated, you get all the info you need to see what is going on. See how your visitors interact with your website, filter by date range and gain actionable insights straight from your dashboard.

Get Started Quickly

1. Choose A Design

Choose from one of our ministry-focused designs that will help with first impressions and give members lots of resources to benefit from.

2. Create An Account

Create your account and choose a plan that works with your church's budget. We have two plans both of which will give you lots of tools to work with.

3. Customize Your Site

After signing up your site will be active, contact Reformation Sites to finish up your site's design. We have two options to fit your budget: basic and advanced.

A Trusted Resource In The Reformed Community

Answers To Your Questions

Most definitely!

When you sign up you'll give your site a Title and a site URL. It will first appear as something like:

This temporary domain is set up so we can begin building your new site and your old site will remain live until we are ready to pull the switch.

Once ready there are a few nerdy things that need to be done to switch your old domain to your new site.

Our setup process is not a fully automated, push-button process. It’s done carefully and collectively by our in-house tech team over a period of several days or weeks, with great attention to detail. It takes planning, communication with the client, and is often times a labor intensive process for our team that just takes flat out hard work to get right.

With that in mind, the activation/setup charge for our platform is between $300 for Basic and $800 for Advanced Setup. We have an outstanding product that is trusted by hundreds of agents and advisors, backed by top notch customer support provided by real people who care about your success. Our pricing is a reflection of that.

The setup charge covers the entire setup, installation, and configuration of your website.

Some of the things we do during the setup/activation process are:

  • Review your existing site to determine structure
  • Communicate with you about any changes you want to see on the new site.
  • Backlink Profile of current site (to maintain and improve SEO)
  • Content migration from previous site (images, text, links, menus, etc..)
  • Domain/DNS Mapping
  • Account Creation
  • Analytics configuration
  • Social Media integration
  • Training via Video Dashboard
  • Design/Layout configuration/setup
  • Various plugin configuration/setup

During the development phase our team will work with you to get your site looking the way you want, as well as helping you upload/migrate your page content from your previous site (if you have one), and teaching you how to use the back end of the site.

(**Note: The setup fee is non-refundable)


  1. Hosting - Dedicated hosting on Digital Ocean Servers
  2. Security - Firewall and Security Scans
  3. Backups - Nightly Website Backups
  4. Support - 24 Hour Email & Ticket Support
  5. Software Updates - Daily Updates to keep software current
  6. New Features - RefSites is always being improved. The monthly fee goes toward the cost of future development to keep your site always improving. View the changelog
  7. Uptime Monitoring - We are always monitoring to make sure your site is never down. 


It all comes down to resources at this point.

LITE gives access to all the tools your church will need to begin a strong online presence but it is limited on how many posts you can create. This option is a good choice for church plants or smaller churches wanting to get a jumpstart on the web but is not in need of all the resources yet.

PRO gives you unlimited content posts and is perfect for churches that are posting content on a regular basis.

Possibly. We work to serve churches in the Reformed community but wish to be a blessing to all congregations which seek to stay true to and promote the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a basic standard we invite churches that affirm the Apostle's Creed, the Five Solas of the Reformation, and justification by grace alone through faith alone to use Reformation Sites.

If you fundamentally disagree with any of these basic position, then we are probably not the right fit for your work.